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If you are thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your home, take a long look at the style and beauty a frameless shower can bring to a bathroom.

These showers are about more than just good looks. Frameless showers are also affordable. This is especially true considering the elegance these showers add to a home.

frameless shower doors ct
frameless shower door

The look of the frameless shower begins with the glass. The showers are made with heavy tempered glass. The thickness of the glass means there is no need for additional support from framing. There are different options in terms of the thickness of the tempered glass (usually between 3/8” to ½”). You’ll have the choice to choose the glass you want for your frameless shower.

The custom design process of the frameless shower is your opportunity to discover what you really want in the bathroom of your Connecticut home. You’ll be able to choose the style, design and configuration of your frameless shower. How much design control do you have with a “traditional” stand-up shower? Typically, not very much. A frameless shower can be designed to fit the specifications of your bathroom, whether the shower is going in an existing bathroom or is part of an overall bathroom remodeling project. These frameless showers will bring added value to your home.

At Classic Mirror and Glass, each custom design starts with an in-home consultation. The consultation includes a comprehensive survey of your space. This is just one of the steps taken by our team of professionals as they create your vision of the perfect shower for your Connecticut home.Classic Mirror & Glass Connecticut

Another big bonus to the frameless shower is the easy cleaning. Nobody really looks forward to cleaning the bathroom. There is no frame (obviously) with a frameless shower so there less chance of mildew, mold and soap scum in the bathroom.

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