The Myth That All Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Leak

The most common misconception about frameless showers is that all of the enclosures leak. Although a poorly built shower does have a tendency to leak from the top of the curb or from the door itself, a professionally constructed frameless shower that has the proper amount of slope at the top of the curb will not.


A curb with the proper amount of slope (at least 5%) will direct the shower water to the drain and not leak water outside the enclosure. Although an improperly sloped curb can greatly contribute to leaking outside a frameless shower, this is not the only factor to it. A frameless shower should have straight tiled walls, a correctly positioned shower head, the correct type of shower head (a rain shower head or head with horizontal flow usually works best), plus a buttress & shower dam that are pitched to the inside of the shower stall. Also, a shower sweep with a drip rail can be added to the bottom of your frameless shower’s door for added protection. Remembering to replace the seals on the hinges, sweeps, and stops over time can also prevent any leakage in the future. Proper design and installation is key to any frameless shower; it insures giving proper functionality to the shower and preventing the water flow from leaving your shower.