What Is A Frameless Glass Shower Door?

Frameless glass shower door in luxury bathroom
Frameless glass shower door in luxury bathroom


Unlike traditional shower doors, frameless glass shower doors are just just that…..- frameless. 

Because they don’t have a metal frame, the glass is thicker, usually ¼ inch thick or greater. With the heavier and thicker glass, they will slide better on their tracks for better operation. Frameless Glass Shower Doors also create a more upscale look than a glass door with a frame.

Another benefit, is that they are easier to clean. Without a frame, there is less chance of soap or debris deposits. Just a simple swipe with a squeegee after your shower, is enough to keep the glass clean.

Classic Mirror & Glass is a frameless glass shower door installer in CT.

Frameless Glass Shower Door Photos

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The great things in home improvement are the almost unlimited options and types of products that can be used in your bathroom remodeling project. Creativity is at an all time high when it comes to transforming your home into the home of your dreams. The downside is that all of these options make it hard to choose what is right for your project. That is where we can help.

When it comes to frameless glass shower doors, we are an expert. Classic Mirror and Glass has been in business for over 30 years and we would love to help you choose what will not only work best for your bathroom, but what will also look best to you.

We have a glass showroom located in North Haven CT, and you can also view our photo gallery on our website at www.classicmirrorandglass.com.

Besides our website, there are many other on-line viewing options for you to get inspired. Check out these photos on Houzz for more ideas on what can be dome to your bathroom.

Feel free to stop in, call or email us to get started on your bathroom transformation or just to ask some questions.

Bath Crashers

As contractors, we always want the public to hire us to do the job the right way. Safe, up to code and built to last using quality products. We do however enjoy an occasional DYI show or two. DYI shows inspire people to want to have work done to their homes. Sure it sometimes educates you enough to do it yourself, taking us out of the equation but it also helps the phone ring on our end. It’s never as easy as it looks on TV and sometimes doing it yourself cost more money in the long run, especially if mistakes were made or the wrong product was used.

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We love Bath Crashers on the DIY Network. Check out their website here.

A Little Bit of Luxury at Home

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Ever stay at a nice hotel and immediately fall in love with the fancy bathroom?

Do you wish that bathroom could be yours? Next time take a look around. Chances are that what you a drawn to is the sleek look of the frameless glass shower door or shower enclosure. Other than the free soap, that is usually the only difference between your bathroom at home and the one at the hotel.

Of course there are some really high-end hotels that have those luxury spa-like bathroom retreats, but you can still make a big change to the look of your bathroom by having Classic Mirror and Glass install a new frameless shower door.