Cleaning and Maintenance for Frameless Showers

Cleaning and maintaining your frameless can be done with ease. Keeping up with cleaning and maintaining your frameless shower ensures it will stay functional and looking great. You can clean your frameless shower door with just normal household products. A squeegee is the best way to keep your frameless shower looking like the first day you got it. 


A squeegee used with a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth will keep the glass looking sharp. Avoid using ammonia products as they may damage the hardware or your shower. Cleaning your frameless shower frequently prevents mineral deposits and water spots from damaging the glass. A handheld steam cleaner can also be used when cleaning your frameless shower. A handheld steamer is a safe way to clean any dirt, soap scum, mildew, or mold off of your glass components to your shower, but to the faucets and other parts as well. Steam cleaners do not require extra cleaners and some have squeegee attachments for even an even speedier washing of your shower. Using a surface protector like ClearSheild Surface Protection is strongly encouraged to protect your glass enclosure. Using a surface-protecting agent extends the life of your glass and aids in the cleaning of the glass. Changing all the seals over time ensures that the shower will not leak over time. Maintaining and cleaning all the components of your frameless shower ensures your shower ensured to last a long time.

The Advantages of a Frameless Shower

Frameless showers are a great way to open up your bathroom while adding elegance to your space. If your bathroom is small and you are dealing with those plastic shower curtains that get moldy and break constantly it is time to invest in a frameless shower. With all types of solutions available, Classic Mirror and Glass in Connecticut can help you customize the best options for your bathroom. They are easy to keep clean and with our coating option it helps minimize hard water spots and other types of stains.


Deciding to go frameless is an excellent idea for many reasons. The return on investment alone is worth having one because walking into a bathroom fitted with a custom frameless shower will stop your guests in their tracks and ask questions. Where did you get that done? Who installed it? The list goes on.

The options are endless. From chrome to polished and brass to nickel, Classic Mirror and Glass will help you customize your frameless shower. The hardware really makes a difference when it matches your décor because it really finishes off the look of your bathroom. It becomes more of a centerpiece to the space.

What Can You Expect From a Consultation?

Our consultations are painless and consist of a solid education on what can be done to replace your old shower curtain or sliders with a frameless shower. We are very critical with measurements because each bathroom is unique. We compensate for any errors in the walls or leveling of the tub or enclosure. Since all of our cuts are custom we can keep the tolerance tight and make your new installation stand out. Our frameless glass experts in CT have the experience you would expect to complete your job with confidence.

It takes some time to convert the measurements into custom cuts along with packaging all of the hardware to fit your job. Depending on the complexity of the project such as angles, size and cut-outs we can fit your bathroom with a frameless shower solution from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Since we use the latest in measuring technology, we can really customize many shapes and follow complicated tile work. If you have been putting off the idea of a frameless shower for your bathroom, you should call Classic Mirror & Glass to setup an appointment to discuss your ideas.