Design Your Small Bathroom with a Frameless Shower

Even the smallest bathroom remodel is costly. Because the cash investment in a proper remodel is substantial, you want to get it right the first time. At Classic Mirror and Glass we always design our frameless showers to endure constant use. Pick the wrong company to do the work and you may regret it in 10 years.

Fortunately, many of the modern design trends being used in bathrooms today will save you a lot of space in a small bathroom. Use a large-tile format for the floors, you will be surprised how good it will look even in a tiny room. We always recommend larger-dimension tiles, such as 16 or 24 square inches. This will give you a much more fluid look.

Our frameless glass shower enclosures are undoubtably the slimmest option and can fit very nicely into a small bathroom. At Classic Mirror and Glass we custom build all of our framless showers to fit perfectly into your space. For stability we use a thicker glass for our framless shower doors, a framless shower door panel can weigh 80 to 100 pounds depending on the thickness. A framless shower enclosure will save you from having to put in a bulky bathtub and the sleek, slim design will make the room feel much larger.

When designing a small bathroom you might want to consider a slim or tankless toilet. Removing the back from a toilet can save you as much as eight and a half inches or so. A tankless toilet does not rely on a tank of water to clear the bowl, instead they get their water from a separate line at a high enough pressure to wash down any waste in a single flush.

Of course let’s not forget the bathroom sink! Often in a small bathroom, the smallest sink is the best choice. Corner sinks, wall-hung or pedestals are the ideal choice. There are a number of designs out there that are perfect for small spaces and offer a sharp contemporary design.

Lastly, the mirror that you place in a small bathroom can really tie the room together. The bathroom mirror is the kind of decorating detail that should receive far more attention than it does. After all, you look at it every day. It provides a critical function for daily grooming but is also a relatively easy way to inject a dose of personality and style into even the most clinically stark bathroom. Typically you want your bathroom mirror to be long enough for everyone to see themselves while not being wider than the sink or vanity it hangs above. Hanging a mirror is more like an art and Classic Mirror and Glass specializes in custom fit mirrors that will work perfectly in a bathroom of any size.

We hope these tips for designing your small bathroom will come in handy. For a free consultation or to see our showroom, contact us today!

What Are Commercial Mirrors?

What washroom or lobby would be complete without commercial mirrors to add to the total experience. Whether it is commercial mirrors or restroom mirrors we have them in many different makes and designs. Some areas in a residence or business have special needs in mind. The size or placement of mirrors have a lot to do with the task that they are intended to address. In a common restroom a mirror serves as an aid to simple grooming. Special needs customers may need an Adjustable Tilt Mirror to facilitate wheel chair users or smaller people. These mirrors help visibility by tilting a full 6″ and then return to a regular position when desired. Fixed Angle Tilt Mirrors taper from the top to extend 4″ to 1″ at the bottom to serve the same purpose but without the need to manually tilt back and forth.

Types of Commercial Mirrors

  • Adjustable Tilt Mirror
  • Angle Frame Mirror
  • Channel Frame Mirror
  • Fixed Angle Tilt Mirror
  • Frameless Stainless Steel Mirror
  • Framed Stainless Mirror
  • Tempered Glass Mirrors
  • Stainless Steel Channel Mirror
  • ADA Handicap Accessible Mirrors
  • Custom Size Mirrors
  • Mirrors with Shelves

Mirrors come in both glass and stainless steel components for safety and vandal resistant needs. Models come in Channel Framed Mirrors and Angle Framed Mirrors to suit the different needs of the business or residence as well as frameless models. Shelves are available beneath the mirror is wanted along with sturdy 18 and 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel reflective surfaces. These surfaces offer full reactivity without the dangers and vulnerabilities of glass. This s perfect for remote, low-maintenance and high traffic areas and can add vanity and utility to any room, not only the washroom, bathroom or lavatory.