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frameless shower door

Framed glass shower enclosures are made from a thinner glass, for the shower doors, and are supported by metal structures, while semi-frameless enclosures feature a low profile metal frame with slightly thicker glass shower door for strength and durability.

Frameless glass showers doors are made possible by the use of heavy tempered glass. Due to the thickness of the glass (3/8” to 1/2"), the doors don’t need any additional support by framing, so you’re left with a sleek, open look that is sure to wow everyone who sees it.

Whether your bathroom is small, or large, frameless showers create the illusion of having a much larger space, which is key in creating a relaxing, open environment. Create a spa-like experience by using candles or dimmed lights. The clear glass, in the shower doors, allows light to spill into the shower area giving you warm, tranquil light. The look of frameless doors is perfect for any bathroom in the house. Wow your guests with a simple frameless shower door look, or give your children the protection and safety frameless enclosures provide.

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Create it with glass

The benefit of updating your bathroom to include a frameless shower is the versatility of glass design. We can design almost any type of enclosure to fit your style including semi-frameless bypass, custom European Steamer Doors or single glass partitions. Our design team is skilled in developing the look that adds luxury and comfort to your bathroom. We provide practical solutions to construct enclosures that are multi-purpose and long lasting. Every design starts with an in-home consultation. We will survey your space, take measurements and determine the best possible way to create the frameless shower enclosure of your dreams. We’ll discuss your goals and gain a completely understanding of what you are looking for. It’s always important to us to get to know our clients. You’re the driving force behind what we do and the reason why we’re still in business over 40 years since our inception!

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We're an authorized applicator for clearshield surface protection

ClearShield™ Surface Protection is a glass protection that repels both water (hydrophobic) and oils (oleophobic). Chemical bonding (covalent bonding) takes place between ClearShield™ and the glass surface, not molecular bonding or hydrogen bonding as in other glass coatings. This creates a near permanent bond that can only be removed by abrasion and the removal of the top layer of glass. ClearShield™ is resistant to UV degradation. Exposure to UV rays does not cause a film to form, nor does it cause a breakdown in the coating.

scientifically tested

Accelerated testing, performed to duplicate the efforts of continuous cleaning and UV exposure to the coated surface for a 10 year period, concluded there was no doubt noticeable degradation of the water and the oil repelling properties of ClearShield™ Surface Protection. The coasted surface should continue to perform well after the 10 year warranty period.

Ten Year Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that the ClearShield™ Surface Protection will remain water repellent for a period of ten years from the date of the receipt provided by Classic Mirror & Glass.

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